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Body Touch Therapy offers massage therapy seven days a week. Massage is not just relaxing—it is an effective way to keep you and your family well.


Enjoy the expert treatments, caring service, and comforting sessions of our highly trained certified massage therapists (CMT) dedicated to your health and well-being. Your personalized massage experience awaits.

Swedish Massage

Relaxing and rejuvenating with firmness appropriate to your needs. Generally a full-body massage or focusing on your area of choice, such as neck and shoulders.

Deep Tissue massage

A therapeutic deep pressure method working with target areas, blanching the soreness out from contracted or aching muscles.

Thai ~ Stretching massage

A technique performed on a floor-mat in loose clothing or on a massage table. Every muscle is pulled and stretched to within its limits. Ideal for the physically active.

Acupressure ~ Shiatsu ~ Trigger-Point massage

Deep rhythmic rocking accompanied by shiatsu trigger-point techniques. Intensely releasing.

Hot Stones

Enjoy the added luxury of hot stones in your Swedish or Deep Tissue massage sessions. The penetrating heat from the stones effortlessly relaxes the muscles and opens them.


The effects of aromatherapy are mood and mind-altering. You can add aromatherapy to your Swedish or Deep Tissue massage sessions.

Integrative massage

Your request to blend any of the above massages.

In-Room massage

Couples can enjoy a side-by-side massage performed by two therapists, increasing the time you have together for the rest of your day. Side-by-side couples massage is offered at your place only.


Pain is nature''s way of saying something is wrong. We offer advanced and proven techniques to overcome pain for some of the most common conditions. We can bill your auto insurance or workman compensation for pre-approved sessions.


Come and enjoy a weekend workshop learning massage skills for personal enjoyment (our Massage 101 & Massage 102 workshops), or learn how to overcome common pain patterns in your own body (our Pain Relief 101 Massage Workshop).


Deeper Massage - Lighter Summer Price